Ottawa’s ByWard Market

Being new to Ottawa, I often feel as though I’m a tourist in my own city. Though it makes me feel like I’m in a bit of a funny situation, it can also be a really good thing for a street walking click-happy fellow like me. My latest trip to the heart of the city took me to the ByWard Market.

ByWard Market Ottawa

Located just east of the Parliament Buildings, the market is Canada’s oldest continuously operating farmer’s market, which has been in business since 1827. Coming from Toronto, which has such a rich history with it’s buildings and neighbourhoods, I am eager to learn more about the equally impressive downtown area in Ottawa. My visit happened on a random Wednesday morning, and the market doesn’t really come to life until the weekends, but it was nice to be out shooting again and I did come away with a few shots that I wanted to share.

As an interesting side note, Obama paid a visit to the Market and bought some pastry from Moulin De Provence Bakery. I didn’t visit the bakery on this trip downtown, because I had forgotten about this bit of news, but I’ll probably stop in at some point. But good for them!

ByWard Market OttawaByWard Market Ottawa

Not really sure what this guy was doing with the rackets, but I assume he was waiting for someone to drop a few coins in his bucket so he could show off his fancy racket tricks.

ByWard Market Ottawa


  1. Looking forward to see even more of your new hometown. Thanks for the small tour at the market. Most of all I’m looking forward to see photos of the people – what would a city be without it’s people?

    1. Thanks so much Cardinal! I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing posts about the people here in Ottawa as well. It’ll take some trial and error, but I’ll get it figured out over here 🙂

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