Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag(ging Walls)

Last week, while my dad was visiting, we made a trip with the boys to the Canadian Museum of History where I captured this view of the Parliament Buildings in the background, and the zigzaging architecture of the museum in the foreground. The museum is a gorgeous wavy piece of architecture that stands above all else when viewing it from the Ottawa side of the river.

The museum also has an absolutely stellar collection of historical items from our fair country, and an unreal IMAX theatre 🙂 I would highly recommend that you visit if you ever find yourself with a couple of hours to spare in the Ottawa area.

WPC Zigzag Ottawa



  1. Great take on the challenge, Shane, and love the shallow depth of field. Love even more that you got to share this fun outing with your dad and your sons 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was actually a bit of an accidental shot because I was moving out to get a clear shot of the Parliament Buildings but stopped short when I realized that one of my sons was playing a little too close to a ledge for my comfort.

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