Two Steps Behind

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyists, your creative juices are sure to flow in fits and starts.

As someone who seeks to take pictures each day, I know from experience that our motivation to produce images just isn’t there every time. But, one way I try to get around it is by taking a step back and think differently than normal.

Look around you and photograph people or objects you wouldn’t normally think to shoot, or do something as simple as making your normal photos, but do it from a different angle. Sometimes I like to see my world from where my kids see it, or from even lower.




  1. Shane, you know what I love about this photo? Everything! Great perspective, the puddle with a bit of blurred reflection in the foreground (adds so much!), the red dress on the dress form, the touches of neon green, all pulled together with the unmistakable Shane Francescut style. As for your wonderful words of advice – icing on the cake!

  2. You bring up a good point about lack of motivation Shane! I don’t shoot every day but yet I do find at times that I have a lack of motivation to shoot when I am able to just because of a lot of other things going on around me. Or I just may be too tired to think. One of the ways that I remedy this is to just Google for photos that might inspire me. For instance, in your case I would Google ‘unique street photography’ or ‘abstract street photography’ and just browse through the photos to give me a different perspective or ideas on different types of photos to take. I do this a lot with landscape photography and because of it, I have learned a lot more about how to produce more unique shots that aren’t the typical kind. More often than not the shots that tend to work out the best are the ones taken at an angle or viewpoint that people normally don’t view the subject at. There many different perspectives you can spin on one frame just by changing the focus point, aperture, or shutter speed. So to sum it up, most of my inspiration comes from viewing other photos and a lot of experimentation.

    1. Amazing, amazing, amazing! Justin, you continuously bring up such terrific points and suggestions. I love doing “research” on other people’s street shots and portraits. It not only helps me figure out what I like to see and how to see it on the street, but as you mention, looking at the work of others is a terrific way to learn and get new ideas.

      Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  3. Another great idea. But what did you do, lie on the ground? Set your camera on the sidewalk and shoot with a remote or timer?

  4. Ahh a kids perspective! One of my favorite ways to photograph the forest or anything that catches my eye that is tall, probably because I feel like a kid in the woods πŸ™‚ Great shot!

  5. Thanks for sharing this Shane. I sometimes feel a lack of inspiration and ideas. It’s very frustrating – I’ll think about your words.

      1. Thanks Shane. Believe me, I do…just now is such a moment. Your post came right on time πŸ˜‰

  6. That is a good tip, Shane. My favourite is to photograph small, everyday things when I’m not feeling inspired. That is often what I photograph by choice, too, but doing it as an exercise to fire up the creative flow works for me. Recently I photographed the clothes pegs holding my sheets on the line and got a very nice photo from it, on a day when I was pretty devoid of inspiration. Nice photo above, too.

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