Red Door Portraits

“Find a nice background and wait for the images to come to you.”

It’s advice I often give when I talk to others about street photography, but rarely practice myself. Shooting this way lets you practice street photography, composition, lighting, or pairing contrasting images without the burden of feeling like you’re being watched by passers-by.

Here is a sample taken from a bunch of shots I took outside of Massey Hall in Toronto. My original intent was to gather various shots of the outside of the building, but then I thought it’d be fun to candidly capture people passing by, while using the venue’s historic red doors as the backdrop.






  1. I’ve never heard that before, but what a ‘twist’ of concept! The people are interesting and with a smashing background. Great idea, thank you for sharing it.

  2. Perfect backdrop for capturing these great shots, Shane! And great advice. I’ll definitely have to try out this method. I was in the city this past weekend waiting on a street corner to meet up with my hubby, and so of course, out came my camera. I took quite a few shots (and ended up with two I’m really happy with), but I definitely felt like a stalker. Perhaps it was because I was prowling the same street corner – had I had a bench, maybe I would have felt differently πŸ˜‰

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