The Soloist

As bloggers, we are all artists, and art appreciation of one’s art is among the most subjective opinions we’ll ever encounter. As artists, we share our images, our words, and our music. I took this image of a man playing for what seemed to be the birds and the trees.

It’s a reminder that we must not let go of what we are most passionate about. As children, and I see it in my own, we express crippling excitement for the things we are passionate about. We see the world as being a place of endless opportunities, free of barriers, and full of love. But we all reach a point where our priorities shift, responsibilities take over, and the things we love to do sometimes take a back seat. I think it’s important to be responsible and cater to our priorities, because the world isn’t just about us. However, I also feel strongly that we shouldn’t lose sight of the things that fuel our passions. We must always remember to play, even if no one is there to witness.

Party for One


  1. We all owe it to ourselves to be selfish every once in awhile in a sense that we need to do what makes us happy. If we take care of other’s needs and keeping busy not allowing us time to just relax we tend to star to break down. Life should be about enjoyment, not about regrets and unhappiness. This is why I think hobbies should remain hobbies and we should enjoy them as much as possible. Photography is such a great hobby because there are so many other things mixed in with it that other non-photographers can enjoy as well. The same can be said about music. Not everyone enjoys in partaking of the activity, but others can enjoy the journey. Even if someone doesn’t like to take photos, they can still enjoy the walk or the hike and the scenery. If someone doesn’t like to play music, they can still enjoy listening to it.

    1. Hey Justin, I couldn’t agree more. Photography is a hobby for me as well, but I also take it very seriously. We all need balance.

      Thanks again for sharing your great thoughts.

  2. …had a vision just now of all the leaders of the world seated on the floor with lots of… paper and a box each with ninety-two crayons… wonder how different the world would be if… no, it’s just a thought!

  3. Every so often I get pre-occopied with “Likes” and “Comments”. This post puts photography back into perspective for me. Thank you!

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