Black (& White) Friday: Silhouette

I was greatly inspired by last week’s photo challenge and found a few silhouettes that I shot over the winter. Here’s one of them.

This is another image shot with a single flash positioned about waist-high behind the model, and pointed up toward her head. These sorts of images are a result of the tremendous inspiration I get from watching Zack Arias, who is another modern genius with flash photography. He also has a workshop called the One Light Workshop, which has now been updated and is called Onelight 2.0. I strongly recommend that you check him out.

sara silhouette



    1. Thanks a lot Laura! I have so much fun doing these shots. The general idea I had when taking this shot was that of a rock star standing at centre stage, with the lights dimmed, receiving a standing ovation.

    1. Thanks! I suppose the image might make you feel like you’re standing behind her, however, there’s just the slightest highlight on her face that tells you she’s looking right at her.

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