Pink Lake, Ottawa

The Labour Day long weekend typically signals the end of summer in Canada, and when living in Toronto, that means battling the heat and crowds to see the spectacular air show.

But this year, being in Ottawa, we chose to enjoy nature and hiking and it was a really nice change from what we’ve been used to. We took a trip into nearby Gatineau Park and hiked around Pink Lake. It’s a beautiful spot, and a popular hike for the locals that takes about an hour to complete.  The lake isn’t actually pink, but it gets it’s name from a family of settlers who cleared land for a nearby farm in 1826. However, due to the large amount of algae in the lake, the water has a beautiful deep green colour.

I’m really looking forward to seeing and photographing this spot when the fall colours hit in a few weeks, but here are a couple of phone image from our hike on Monday.





  1. Looks like a wonderful place for hiking! 🙂 Beautiful photos Shane, it’s great how you can get such decent quality photos with phones these days!

    1. Thanks so much Carrie. I’ll definitely get out there to shoot the colours. The park is so massive, and there’s so much to explore out there. Who knows, maybe my street photography days are numbered 😮

      1. Well, I highly doubt that! But, I am sure it is fun to find a place that captures your creative side and provides a breath of fresh air at the same time! Enjoy!!

  2. Lovely shots, Shane. The glowy-gauzy-tint is a nice touch to the photos (or maybe this was due to the sun), making the images look so much softer – in sync with the cooler season in your part of the world. Great work 🙂

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