Ottawa Sunsets & Country Living

Though the summer is rapidly coming to a close, my family and I have had an amazing time over the past three weeks. We’ve spent a relaxing week at a cottage, we’ve taken several day trips in and around the city, and we’ve caught up with some old friends.

This past Saturday, we drove to visit some friends in the country as first-time guests of their annual end-of-summer bbq camp-out. They live on a beautiful 29 acre plot of land about a half hour outside the city, which is a stark contrast to what we’ve been used to from living in downtown Toronto for the past ten years. While the kids played happily on the expansive land, we adults enjoyed a relaxing bbq next to the old barn that houses chickens, which produce delicious eggs, and turkeys, which become wonderful organic ground meat to feed the family. We shared great stories and reminisced about the best 80’s TV shows, but best of all was the spectacular sunset that painted the backdrop for this memorable night. And, according to some, Ottawa sunsets are among the best in all of Canada.

These shots were taken with my phone, but after editing them with Snapseed, I think they nicely represent what we all witnessed that night.






    1. Thanks Julie!

      Snapseed is amazing. It has a lot of presets, and you can also do a lot of other adjustments if you’d like to make your own mix. It comes from NIK Software which is a great photo software company.

      A lot of real photographers use the app, and I highly recommend it too.

  1. I was going to suggest you return with your “real” camera! 🙂 But what are the chances of getting another sunset like that? A real beauty! And that shed! I love both images- even though they were taken with your phone. Maybe it’s true that, if you have the eye, it doesn’t matter what equipment you use!

  2. I saw this yesterday and loved these images. Just didn’t get a moment until now to say so! The barn one reminds me of a Carl Larson painting. Your color pallet is just lovely. Great work!

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