Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

juggling act

My life has moved in a completely different direction since the spring. As spring turned to summer, I spent my days working in the heart of Canada’s largest and busiest city, taking pictures of the people and things I saw on my travels around Toronto. Now, I live in a much smaller city, with beautiful, natural landscapes, and a winter that’ll be colder than anything I’ve experienced to date.

But the most significant change is the transition from being a working dad, to a stay-at-home dad. This change has had a massive affect on me both mentally and physically. It has been fun, exciting… anΒ Adventure!

When I began this new way of life at the start of the summer, I had visions of planning exciting excursions, teaching my boys things they wouldn’t typically learn in school, and generally working toward making our family a closer unit than it already is. However, it was probably me who was the student, while my boys were the teachers. They’ve helped me forget about the trivialities of life that tend to bog us down as we grind it out to balance work and family; they laugh more than the average adult, which in turn makes me laugh more; and they’ve helped me see things from a different perspective… their perspective.

I’ve found it fascinating to watch them as they learn things for the first time, and experience their genuine curiosity for the world around them. It’s very refreshing, and because I know that not everyone has the chance to experience this kind of life I feel very blessed to spend this time with my wife and kids.

Besides, who better to have fun and exciting adventures with than a juggling Superman…




  1. Awe! I didn’t know your transition to a new location also meant a change of occupation too. What an adventure indeed. I can’t wait to see where your blog goes as you meander through the world with your boys in tow. Kids are the best reminder of how to live in the present moment. My boys are my greatest teachers for that frame of reference in particular. I know you will but I must say it, enjoy the adventure!

  2. I love this Shane! (I always do!) This is quite an adventure and one that I would like to hear more about as the year progresses. To be a parent is the adventure of all adventures. It takes us where we could never imagine. If we truly do it to the best of our ability, we become the best version of ourselves. And in the midst of it, we have the time of our lives. Fun picture!

  3. Shane, the two commenters before me have hit the nail on the head! So happy for you that you are getting this opportunity, and delighted that you’re embracing every single second of your new adventure. Having raised two sons who are now on their own, and working this year to send my daughter, my youngest, off to college, I can only echo what I’m sure you’ve heard so many times before – how fast the time goes. I’ve been enjoying the wonderful photos of your sons – keep ‘me coming! πŸ™‚

  4. Wonderful to hear about your new adventure Shane! Time spent with children is priceless. πŸ™‚ I’m so glad you get to experience being a stay-home-dad! Great photo! πŸ™‚

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