Black (& White) Friday: Spotlight on Art

This is a very old image of mine. I took this shortly after purchasing my Sony and experimented a little with shooting into the sun.

Art Gallery Of Ontario



    1. Thanks!

      I live Sony. The menu system isn’t quite as I intuitive as some of the other systems out there, but once you get the hang of it it’s no problem. I also find the image quality to be pretty stellar. It produces fantastic colours, and the kit lenses seem to be considerably sharper than the comparable lenses from Nikon, which is what I’m using now. I’d like to try some better glass on my Nikon to see if it is in fact the lens or sensor quality that seems to suffer.

      Toronto is usually fine up to about November. In October you’ll see the leaves change colour, but I’ve been able to bike into late November and I’m not all that hardcore. Or sometimes snows a bit before Christmas, but it often melts and then doesn’t snow hard until the new year. Last year it started snowing in November and didn’t stop until almost May… so who knows these days.

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