Featured by Ottawa Tourism This Week!

What a week this is shaping up to be! Beginning today, I will be taking over the Ottawa Tourism Instagram feed and showing off my favorite spots in Ottawa. They contacted me through Instagram last week to participate in a project called #MyOttawa, and I was obviously delighted that they asked.

For today’s image, I am sharing a cute little spot called Nepean Creek. It’s a 1km stretch of water that has become a favorite spot for my kids to explore. I’m not much of a landscape photographer, but this was my attempt at capturing the spot.

Nepean Creek nepean creek nepean creeknepean creek nepean creek



  1. Yay! That is just fantastic Shane. What a great opportunity to explore and capture what is around you. I love the images with the clouds prominent, looks like a beautiful place. Enjoy!!

      1. You’re welcome Shane. I ditched the cane today so it’s coming along well. It has its ups and downs which is normal but I’m heading in the right direction and feel like I’m making some strides now (pun intended lol).

  2. First, I can’t believe how far behind I am on your posts. Second, and much more importantly, belated congratulations on such a wonderful opportunity! It certainly didn’t take Ottawa long to find out they had a gem in their midst. So happy for you, Shane!

  3. Shane, I love your photographs but could you just add a little caption to each picture? For some one who’s never been to Canada or even the site, the captions will contextualize the pictures greatly. Great work though! Keep it up!

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