Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

Endurance. Staying power. Perseverance. The ability to withstand great hurdles, great distances, and sometimes great pains. We’ve all faced it at one time or another, whether at work, in a relationship, or in the playground, we’ve all had to endure at one point in our lives.


I’m no stranger to it, but when I think of the word endurance, I often think of running.

I run. I always have, and I’ve always been good at covering long distances rather quickly. Geez, I hope this isn’t a metaphor for life… but anyway. I run to clear my head, to reflect, and to make serious decisions. I’m not sure why it works that way for me, but maybe it’s the rhythm I settle into. I find it therapeutic, and I feel lucky that I do. All I often need is a pair of shorts and my shoes. It doesn’t matter if I know where I’m going to not, it’s the process that calms my soul.

I am an endurance athlete, and I have endured what life has dished up. To this point, none of it has been particularly painful, and I am grateful for that.

May we always endure!


The image above was taken with my phone yesterday along the Rideau Canal. I was tossing stones into the water with my younger son and admiring the beauty that Autumn loves to throw at us.



  1. Love the soft glowy feel about the photo, Shane. Autumn looks great in your part of the world, leaves changing colours already. Running. That certainly fits in with the theme of endurance. I’m not a huge fan of running, but I do like to walk for hours on end, and that takes patience and perseverance too πŸ™‚

  2. Reminds me of yesteryear. I used to love to run and exercise. Now I’m just trying to take baby steps in walking. Some day I hope to get back to some sort of fitness routine because I love it.

    1. In due time Laura, rehab is a a low and sometimes frustrating process but it is so necessary. I hurt my back when I was a teenager and spent months rehabbing it. I still have some really bad days with it. It makes me wonder how Andre Agassi was able to cope.

      1. Oh no.,,sorry to hear you had a struggle with your back at such a young age. I loved Andre! He was amazing and yeah I don’t know how he did it. I’ll get there. This is a huge challenge for me with all these health issues bit I’ll get there….eventually haha.

  3. Well, you sure have showed us a lovely place to run. While running has never been my go-to exercise (bad knees), I do love to walk, especially in the fall with the cooler temperatures and the changing leaves. The rhythm and the solitude are, for me, the stress relievers, allowing my mind to wander without interruption. Very zen-like πŸ™‚ I’ve recently begun swimming because one of my knees took a hit this summer from white-water rafting, and though I’ve never really enjoyed it before, I am now. It’s also a crazy hard workout when performing exercises with water weights in the deep end. I never knew you could sweat in water!! Great take on the challenge, Shane. I always enjoy your introspection.

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