Weekly Photo Challenge: Nighttime

Night photography opens up a whole lot of doors for creative photography, especially when it comes to flash photography and creating your own light source. I’m known through my blog for my street photography, but my true passion lies in portraiture. There’s just something I really enjoy about working with people and figuring out how to light them.

This shot came at the end of a fun little shoot I did with my five year old son when he wanted to switch places and take some shots of me. He is starting to take an interest in using my camera, and I’m more than happy to help him learn, and today he was particularly interested in taking pictures as the flashes fired.

The lighting setup was created using two lights, one 3-foot softbox at camera left pointing at me, and a second flash with a cone on it, aimed at the hedges to help create some depth. Punched up a bit in Lightroom, and here we are. Now, technically this shot wasn’t taken at nighttme, but it was taken very early in the morning when there was barely any light. We tend to have some time to kill before school due to the early risers around my home.

It’s not often I find myself in front of the camera, so I’ll take the opportunities when they arrive… regardless of who’s clicking the shutter πŸ™‚

wpc nighttime


  1. Shane, this just made me smile from ear to ear – πŸ˜€ (see?). How fun and rewarding for you that your son is taking a hands-on interest in what his dad does – and he obviously has the making of a wonderful photographer! Impressive shot for a five-year-old!

  2. Great to see you’ve got the soft box working. Can’t wait to have Andy take some shots of me. He’s got good gens hu….ho, by the way , your grass needs cutting…just kidding! LOL

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