Running with Giants

Rideau Canal

The weather this autumn has been nothing short of spectacular. Sure, there have been a few cold nights and rainy days, but there has been so many gorgeous days over the past couple of weeks that I couldn’t help buckling the boys in our bike trailer and hitting the open trails. I’ve seen people out running and walking; wearing shorts and t-shirts; and laughing and playing, but I know that the end will come soon enough and this lovely city will be blanketed in a THICK layer of snow.

I took this shot while I was out with my younger son exploring the wildlife along the Rideau Canal. Runners and cyclists always use the path along the edge of the Canal, and I couldn’t help by notice how our tiny frames put the whole scene in perspective as we walked, ran, and cycled among the giant trees. You can just make out the lone runner in the centre of frame, and I think that that was what drew me to the scene.



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