Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

As a self-proclaimed street photographer, I find that signs can work their way into my images more than any other element. As someone who attempts to capture a split-second moment; a slice of time that has never happened before and will never happen again, I look for elements that tell a story about that particular instant.

Much like clothing, cars, and architecture, signs help an image become a time stamp. And, when I’m in need of a little inspiration I look no further than to Vancouver’s Fred Herzog and his beautiful bold-coloured images of his city over the past sixty years. Particularly this one.

I have a lot of images with signs in them; some deliberately included, and some included purely by accident. So, because Cheri asked for our images of signs, this is my brief reply…

_DSC0382 misc (7) _DSC0002 _DSC0133 Little nicky's legs _DSC0345 girl & furs tip top tailor - ghost sign gelber bros - ghost sign massey hall 066


  1. Wonderful series. We really don’t realize how much signs are around us. You images have helped me to be more aware.
    Thank you for introducing Fred Herzog. Equinox Gallery has some excellent images of Herzog’s work. The Granville/Smithe image http://www.equinoxgallery.com/artists/fred-herzog/art/90230 is very appealing. The marquee of the Studio Theatre is of interest to me as I’m doing a series on theatre marquees. The image also raises the question about how our signs have changed. In Herzog’s time neon seemed to be dominate. Now …..

    1. Hi Allen,

      Thank you for the extremely thoughtful comment.

      Yes, neon was definitely a big part of Herzog’s time, and his images really do show how things have changed over the years.

      I love marquee signs as well, so I will look out for your series. It sounds very interesting.

  2. Oh, I remember some of these from earlier posts, Shane. What fun to revisit them, especially that poor little dog in its red jacket 🙂 I don’t remember seeing the weathervane/directional sign before – love the rustic quality. A great collection for the challenge!

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