Farm Colours

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving passed a week ago which means we’re in full fledged harvest mode here. The temperatures are also dropping, and I took my little guy on a cold and rainy cycling trip to the farm again late last week. It’s so nice to visit the farm during the school year because the crowds have disappeared and it’s almost like having our own eleven hundred acre farm… but without the work.


Since we had time on our side on this day, we took our time biking through the farm to get to the animal barns. We stopped to watch combines cutting the corn, looked at the various barns scattered throughout the property, and watched cows grazing in the fields.

I loved the pop of colour in the wagon and trees against the mostly monotone corn and wheat fields that surrounded us, so I snapped this pic. I was going to share more images from the trip, but I’ve decided to scatter them into other posts that you’ll see over the next couple of weeks. What I’d really like to do is make some portraits of the farmers who work this land. It’ll happen someday, but I may just have to figure out how to catch them when they have a few minutes to spare.

I hope you all had a great weekend!




      1. Well, short story: the other day i went to Montréal after 5 years and it made me think about the reason why I’m in Canada. I fell in love since I first went there in 2005 and I promissed myself I had to live there for a while. At this point, with my carreer and everything, I think French is essential, specially if I’m trying to stay, so… Montréal it is! ❤ what do you think?

      2. Sadly I have spent very little time in Montreal, and have mostly just passed through on my way to skiing destinations. But, everyone I know says it’s a fantastic city, and it’s definitely one of Canada’s most historical cities. It’s also packed with arts-related things.

        I think it’s a must, and besides, you’ll only be 1.5 hrs from Ottawa if you ever feel like visiting this city.

        I think it’s a good plan 🙂

  1. I like the contrast, and especially the colourful trees! I think everyone needs these things: a quiet place and a moment to stop and see all those small details that we are missing during our busy weekdays… So I have a getaway as well: it’s the peaceful part of our neighborhood called West Dyke Trail. Your photo reminds me of it: if the weather is nice, my view is as beautiful as yours. I’m just really missing some cows… 🙂

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