Black (& White) Friday: Happy Halloween!

Today is also Halloween in my part of the World, so my wife and I will be out with our little Batman and our little Tiger, collecting candy that we will most likely eat ourselves. Superhero costumes have been very popular the past few years, and this year is no exception. Though I don’t yet have an image of this year’s Batman costume yet, I thought I’d get us in the spirit by sharing an image I took of my son sometime last year.

Needless to say, this image wasn’t even made on Halloween, it was captured on one of the many other days that he wore the costume.

Though it’s not  a perfect shot by any means, I still like it, and it was loosely based on an incredible series, “Halloween in Brooklyn“, created by the insanely talented Joey L. Joey is Canadian, he’s far younger than I am, and about a thousand times more talented than I am, but I absolutely love his work and have learned a lot from it.

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Superman 2013




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