Apple Picking

The season has long since passed, but a fun and popular activity for us Canucks is to go apple picking in late fall.


There are probably more than two, but I have learned of two popular orchards outside of Ottawa – Mountain Apple Orchard, and Cannamore Apple Orchard. We chose to visit the latter.



In addition to apples, Cannamore also grows pumpkins, raspberries, and they produce honey.

Though it was a large fall day, it was unseasonably hot, but with all the apples you can eat, mazes, go carts, and other activities, the kids didn’t seem to mind one bit.

After some hard playing and a good lunch, we relaxed by taking a couple of different tractor rides through the farm and learning about everything they do.


This was one of our tour guides, but unfortunately I don’t remember his name. Here, he was telling us about the many thousands of bees they house, which are absolutely crucial to these farmers for their pollination.

To close out the post, I thought I’d add a picture of our friend’s cute daughter, and a barn that looked interesting at the time.

I hope you all had a great weekend!





      1. you know what, for me its really hard lol, so hard that I researched you tube clips etc and ways i hoped to make it easier which i was going to include. I just never get the temperature right lol x

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