To Our Glorious Dead

Today we must all take a moment to remember those who came and went before us, who fought for all of our countries, who had the good fortune to return home, and who were unable to realize their sacrifices.

This year marks one hundred years since our nations entered into the war to end all wars, but we still fight today, and it bewilders me to think that our children will still see fighting tomorrow.

Lest we forget…

WPC - Monument-0072WPC - Monument-0073


  1. Shane, as you know your great grandfather fought in WWI and your grandfather fought in WWII. They and thousands like them made it possible for me and you and your boys to enjoy life as we know it today. Great post son. Thanks for remembering.

  2. Beautifully and respectfully captured, particularly the poppies… it is a horrifying thought, but also comforting to know that the other side of the world is thinking of the same thing as we are here in Australia.. so important to never forget

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