Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Being a street photographer, and living in big cities, my images typically have a lot going on in them. I tend to look for elements that help tell a story of the moment.

But on a recent trip to the park with my youngest son after a rainfall, I looked down and stumbled on this simple, monochromatic scene. Perhaps I was in a relaxed state, or perhaps my three year old son’s random curiosity rubbed off on me, but I was struck by theΒ minimalism of this lonely leaf on the sand.

I took this shot with my phone, processed it using the Snapseed app, and liked the result.

wpc minimalist


    1. Thank you Stefano! Yes, this is actually a slightly cropped image anyway. I tried playing around with the crop, but I liked the position of the leaf in this crop and decided to forget about the stuff at the top. There were other, more distracting items that I was able to crop out though.

      Perhaps I could have taken a few seconds to physically remove the little sticks by hand πŸ™‚

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