Black (& White) Friday: Channelling Gregory Heisler

self portrait in black and white

I am a HUGE fan of portrait photography and I can’t seem to get enough of what other people shoot and how they shoot it. I also love creative self portraits… but this is not one of them. Aside from working on my lighting technique one day, I decided to have a little fun and channel a bit of this Gregory Heisler image…



Ok, that’s probably enough posts featuring yours truly for quite a while. Here’s to me finding some other willing subjects in the near future 🙂




  1. Stunning photos both of them. The lower shot he isn’t looking at the camera and his hands are ‘holding’ his head almost and there’s almost a sense of angst in some way. In yours your gaze is direct and your hands don’t seem to be holding, more just there as if stroking? But the shot really really shows your face which photographs very well indeedy great shot x

    1. We’ll, the one that isn’t mine is really amazing. Mine is just a cheap knock-off, but it was fun to process.

      It baffles think that you have no talent for shooting portraits. You’re insanely talented, and I bet you would make great images on your first attempt. The hard part is getting the model to do what you envisioned. The rest is easy, you just click the shutter button.

    1. Hey Cardinal, thanks!

      Yes, my photo definitely isn’t an original idea, but I think it’s sometimes a good idea to imitate the masters and try to figure out how they succeeded in making the image. I definitely need more work.

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