Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

When photographing the scenes around me, I’m obviously very drawn to the people and things around me. But I’m also very drawn to the lines and shapes within a scene.

Perhaps it’s from being a street photographer and not having the ability to see vast landscapes, thus being forced to make the confines of my concrete jungle appear more visually appealing. It may also stem back to my high school art classes, where I would mark a point on my page, or often somewhere on my desk that was off my page, which would be the anchor for my leading lines in the drawing I was about to create. I learned that the placement of that anchor point was vital to the success, believability, and realism of my art.

For me, lines often play a large part of the story I’m trying to tell in my images. For instance, the lines in the farm image below all lead to the same place, a central barn, and convey a story about the barren landscape, as farm country often is. The convergence of these lines bring the three colours in my image to a single anchored point on the page.


The gallery below shows a sampling of how I have used the convergence of lines to tell a story. The lines either tell a story of sparseness, as in the image above; of grandeur, as in many of the building images below; or as a way to teleportΒ us into the mind’s eye of the people in my street images so we gain a sense of what they’re experiencing in the moment, where they’re going, or where they’ve been.

Convergence is everywhere in our world, and without it our own little worlds may not be as interesting… at least photographically speaking.


  1. Would have liked it more if you ID’d the streets or structures. I recognized some, like Roy Thompson Hall, Queen Street, Front, etc. it was a walk down memory lane for me. I used to live in T.O.

    1. Did you really? Did you grow up in T.O. or just live there briefly?

      Most of these images come from older posts where I did talk about the streets and buildings. Perhaps I should have linked back to those posts πŸ™‚ Nearly all of these are from Queen, King, or Front St.

      1. We lived in Toronto for 12 years. We moved to San Francisco in ’96. So some of the street scenes have changed quite a bit since then. Some have not. Yes, linking to the old posts would have been great!

      2. I love San Francisco, it’s one of my favorite cities. We have good friends there and are due for a visit. They’ll actually be visiting us over Christmas, but it’ll be nice to get back out to the west coast.

  2. I have always appreciated how my eyes move through and around your images. This makes a lot of sense to me now, you actually take an image with converging lines! So cool. Great gallery.

    1. Thanks Carrie! It’s funny because I take a lot of photos, and what often seems like a good idea or scene at the time, often doesn’t translate across the image when I look at it later. Photos really do have to have a point of interest or some sort of anchor point. Obviously not all of the images I post here succeed that way, but I think some of them definitely do.

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