Processing Emilio’s Image

This year I am joining an esteemed group of blogging friends in a monthly collaborative called ABFriday One Photo Focus, where we take turns submitting an image that will be processed by each member in the group. Everyone’s interpretations of the selected image will be collected, curated and shared by my wonderful friend Stacy over at her site Visual Venturing.

This first image comes to us courtesy of the amazingly funny and uber talented, Emilio Pasquale. It is a relatively simple image of some old trucks parked in a line, but I was instantly struck with the desire to add an aged processing treatment. I am a huge fan of film and the incredible uniqueness that comes from film images, so I tried to replicate that to the best of my abilities using Lightroom 5.

But first, here is the original image sent to us by Emilio…

untitled-20Image courtesy of Emilio Pasquale of Photos by Emilio

Basically, I played with the exposure settings, reduced the contrast, added some split toning, and built in a bit of a light leak on either side. Here is my edit…

Emilio's Image

Β This recurring monthly post is going to be a fun and freeing departure from my usual image taking and processing style, and I think it’ll give me an opportunity to experiment in ways that I wouldn’t normally try with my own images. I am deliberately taking my time with stepping back into blogging in 2015, but this is a good way to casually dip my toes as I put some thought into new and exciting projects that I hope will take shape this year.

Happy New Year everyone! It’s nice to be back.


  1. This is my first time participating in Stacey’s ABFriday One Photo Focus too. It was interesting to see your reuslt and I can reveal that it’s totally different from mine. I’m looking forward to see all the other results on Friday!

  2. Sounds like an interesting challenge Shane. I’ve challenged myself to do a photo a day for a year. I’m under no illusions about how difficult this can become, so wish me luck! Am posting them on Instagram. Best of the New Year to you as well!

      1. That is very kind of you to invite me but I am not a photographer. I dabble a bit because I enjoy photography as a hobby but only in so far as documenting my family’s life and travels. I love photography as an art form though which is why I follow photography blogs.

  3. Shane, I am so thrilled that you are including One Photo Focus in your blogging schedule. I know how filled schedules become and I am absolutely honored that you are taking part! And I like what you’ve said about how these challenges will provide a forum where you will try out techniques that you wouldn’t necessarily apply to your own images. I think that’s part of what makes this so much fun!

    As for Emilio’s photo, I love the muted color palette that you have chosen. It’s also interesting to see your crop. That’s an idea I didn’t entertain with my post-processing, though you are not alone in doing so. As for “aging” the photo, our thoughts are similar, but you’ll just have to wait until Friday to see the result πŸ˜€ Great first look at what is coming on Friday!

  4. Hi Shane, another first timer at the AB challenge here as well. I love your take on the old style photo process, I had not heard the term “light leak” before but when I look at your image I totally get it πŸ™‚

    1. Hi and thanks! Yes, a light leak comes from the film days when a faulty seal on the film door would allow a bit of light to “leak” in and wash out a portion of the film frame. Sometimes it resulted in producing a streak of white across the image, and sometimes it added some cool rainbow-like colours onto the image.

  5. Hi Shane, great work, the tight crop fits the image well and the softness of the light gives the subject a bit of space to breathe. I really great way to get back into 2015. Hope to see more of you with the After and Before Forum

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