Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

This week’s photo challenge prompted me to think about why I take photos the way I do, and the short answer is because I try to create interest by incorporating depth in my scenes. I almost always use some sort of angle that creates leading lines in some direction or another, but I’m also a big fan of including a shallow depth of field to help isolate my subject matter.

In the end, my goal is to create a scene that makes you feel like you can walk into.

long road in the countryearly morning alleywaybeaver tailspeace towerparliament in the distanceuntitled-23ByWard Market Ottawa


  1. Brilliant work Shane – if I had to pick a favourite (not that I do but I just want to) for me it is your second image, love the lines of the building and you have done a lovely job in post production. Great highlights.

  2. Somebody ahead of me commented that you achieved your goal with these images, and I totally agree. Beautiful work Shane!

    1. Emilyyyyyyyy!!! So great to hear from you! Thank you so much for the lovely comment. My city really is a beautiful place so I’m just trying to show all that it has to offer.

      Hope everything is well with you so far in 2015.

      1. Hi Shane. It’s great to be back at the Weekly Minute. I’m sitting here thinking I have been gone too long from your blog! I have subscribed to the emails so that I will keep up better. Photography makes me so happy and you do great work sharing with us.

        Best to you and your family.

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