Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Order has been a very important thing for me from as far back as I can remember. When I was a child in school, I was often the only kid in class with a tidy desk, notebooks stacked largest to smallest, pencils aligned. And because books and papers were always exploding out of the desks of many of my classmates, we always had to turn our desks in toward each other so our teachers didn’t have to see the mess. I’ve always found it calming to have things in order, and I’m not sure if I have been like that from birth, or if it was a learned trait.

However, in photography, I often write about using lines to throw interest points off centre. For me, this technique helps to create interest in my images and help viewers see an otherwise ordinary scene in a different way… hopefully. But on occasion, I find beauty in symmetry

012 Lomo X-Pro Chrome 100 on Minolta SRT 101055   057 022-2untitled-3 untitled-20 wpid-cam00558_1.jpg Under the bridge



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