Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

In shooting street photography, the aim isn’t so much on capturing the sharpest and most beautifully composed images as it is conveying the mood of the big, bad city streets. One way to convey the rush of life in the big city is to incorporate an element of blur in your images.

6 - capture movement _DSC0031 evening rush hour


  1. Shane, that first image is stunning! I just love how the color of the is it a bus / streetcar? is the same as the perfectly still theatre marquee sign. The motion makes for interesting, pleasing angles against the building.

    1. Thanks is so much for the kind words Krista! My dad was a professional photographer and he always says that that is probably my best image. It was actually the first blur image I tried. I’m extra pleased with it because I made it hand held.

  2. Agreed that the first is great but my favorite is the third, actually. The building against the sky seems very serene, and then there’s hustle & bustle below. Great shot!

  3. Ahh, I remember each of these wonderful images, Shane, and how much I loved them the first time around! So nice to enjoy them all together. And I’m still loving them πŸ™‚ Not to hijack your comments, but did you receive the email I sent a few days ago about 1PF? I’m in a bit of a limbo about how to move forward …

    The “Red Rocket” photo has always been one of my favourite for the following reasons.
    On close inspection you’ll noticed the two metal posts in the ‘foreground’ are as sharp or in focus as all the buildings in the ‘background’. Therefore, the moving streetcar in the ‘midground’ must also have be in focus in order to achieving the clear linear streaks or motion within a still setting. Without that focal depth control, the precise timing of the shot and your steady hand, it would have looked more like a smudge than the capture of a “wonderful moment in time”.
    No easy task for even the most hardened of pros!
    Great job son. Keep-on-clicking.

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