Spring Has Sprung in the Capital

untitled-98I’ve just passed the one year anniversary of my move to Ottawa, and I can now say that I have experienced all four seasons. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what time of year I have liked best because this region has so much to offer 365 days a year. From cycling; to skiing; to hiking, to skating; to boating; to food, entertainment, wildlife and night life, I defy you to come here and find something that doesn’t interest you.

Patio season is now finally upon us, and we’re just hitting our stride with the plethora of music and arts festivals that will consume our weekends until late fall, but the thing that really signifies the start of spring in Canada’s Capital is the annual Tulip Festival.

Canadians mark the emergence of tulips as our entry into spring, and for seventy years, Ottawa has celebrated the tulip with a spectacular show of colour throughout the city, drawing thousands of onlookers to the city to take part in the festivities. This was my first time visiting the festival, and I have to say that if you are not comfortable with crowds, you may want to think twice.

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  1. I’m so sorry I’ve missed all your posts! I’ve been using the reader and obviously I’m missing a lot. Beautiful captures and I’m glad you have some sunny spring going on!

      1. You’re welcome! I’ve heard this from several people that blogs are not showing up in the reader. Or all of a sudden it shows as I’m not following someone when I know I did. Weird!

      2. Nice site Shane 🙂 The only thing about this is I can only follow in the reader. 😦 I have so many social media sites that unless I follow through the portals I just can’t keep track of it all. Are you using <= 15 categories + tags? If you're using more than that, your post will not show up in the reader stream.

      3. Thanks re the site. No, I’m probably only using five or six tags, and I only use one category per post. Not sure what the deal is. I might have to reach out to WordPress, they definitely know me.

      4. Let me know what they say if you do. I’ve had this convo with a few people here. It is not that we’re missing them either. Some blogs just don’t show up in the stream. 😦

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