31 Day Photo Series

Blogger Profile: Brooklyn Doodle

One of the things I enjoy most about blogging is great people who have really cool ideas. A while back, I met Mary over at Brooklyn Doodle and was instantly fascinated with her napkin sketches.

You see, while waiting for tea at various shops around her neighbourhood, she pulls out a Sharpie and produces a masterful piece of artwork on nothing more than a spare napkin. Her artistic skills are second to none, and the manner in which she presents them are incredibly original. I think that this first post is a good intro to Mary’s work, but I also recommend that you click over to her blog at Brooklyn Doodle to see more of her amazing art.

Great stuff Mary!!

Here’s one of the many images you’ll find on the blog…

Russian Tea Room

Brooklyn Doodle

“I learned how to draw from being bored in school.

I would doodle in the margins of my notebook.”

-Kevin Nealson

 Since this is Brooklyn Doodle’s 100th post, I thought I would reflect on what I have created thus far and show some of the Napkin Doodle project highlights from this past year. Feedback is welcome!

Thank you for following and reading my blog. This has been fun journey so far and I have met some interesting artists in Brooklyn who happened to notice my random act of doodle-ness in all the different neighborhoods of my borough. I look forward to continuing the journey.

In other news…

Last night, I went to the Brooklyn Promenade with hundreds of other Brooklynites and tourists who enjoyed the light show over New York City. It’s the first fireworks display New York City has had in a very long time and everyone had a calm energy. There was a…

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I have one friend who I love riding in taxis with. He always sits up front with the driver and asks him all sorts of questions. We’ve learned a lot, and heard some outrageous stories. Whether they were true or not didn’t matter, they made for an enjoyable ride in a city riddled with gridlock. Through these many late night rides I learned an important lesson. Taxi drivers are real people, with souls, lives, families to feed… and great stories to tell.

They’re probably just waiting for an open ear to jump in their cars. So, next time you’re in a taxi maybe think about striking up a conversation with the driver. You never know where the conversation will lead…

toronto taxi

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

Extra, Extra! Read all about it, two-year-old artist prodigy takes nation by storm!

Well, not really, but the topic of this week’s photo challenge keeps making me think of newspaper boys peddling the daily news on the streets of big cities in the 1920s.

I finally had the chance to get out  and see a bit of my new city this past Saturday when we took a family trip to the National Gallery.

Ottawa is such a beautiful city, and it has tremendous cycling paths. On Saturday, my wife, two boys, and I cycled downtown to visit the National Gallery of Canada. The city has two major waterways running through it, the Ottawa River, and the Rideau Canal. Our cycling route took us on a beautifully scenic route along the Canal. I’ll be making many more trips along this route and will share what I see in future posts, but for my contribution to this week’s challenge, I thought I’d share this image from the day.

While taking in the visual beauty that hangs on the walls of the gallery, I caught my younger son in a brief moment of silence and stillness as he took in the beauty of a mountain landscape.

national gallery of canada