Black (& White) Friday

Black (& White) Friday: Spotlight on Winners

I took this image a loooong time ago and processed it when I first got into Lightroom, but I’ve always liked the way the sun’s rays bleed across the front of the building. I think it was a happy accident because at that time I didn’t shoot with a lens hood and didn’t know about it’s significance.

I can’t really pinpoint what it is that I like about this shot, but I definitely love the detail in these old buildings. It would be a dream to be able to go around the city with a wide angle lens, shooting the interior and exterior of old buildings like these… minus the department store retrofits.

spotlite on winners


Black (& White) Friday: Channelling Gregory Heisler

self portrait in black and white

I am a HUGE fan of portrait photography and I can’t seem to get enough of what other people shoot and how they shoot it. I also love creative self portraits… but this is not one of them. Aside from working on my lighting technique one day, I decided to have a little fun and channel a bit of this Gregory Heisler image…



Ok, that’s probably enough posts featuring yours truly for quite a while. Here’s to me finding some other willing subjects in the near future 🙂


Black (& White) Friday: Graceful and Deadly

This is a new take on an old friend. I think I’ve shared this image at some point in the past, but in colour. So, I decided to try it out in black and white and I think I really like the result.

I’m not sure if it’s simply because I’m Canadian and we have these big fluffy guys in our Great White North, but I’m fascinated by polar bears. They’re such massive animals that truly live at the top of the food chain. This was shot at the Toronto Zoo, and though I’ve written about my feelings on captive animals in the past, this will likely be my only opportunity to see these beautiful beasts up close.

I love animals and nature so much, and I feel that this image captures the true innocence and grace of the polar bear.

polar bear b/w

Black (& White) Friday: Winged Migration

winged migration


Once again, we have reached the time of year when our winged friends leave us for the next several months. Autumn is always a bitter sweet time of year because it brings two things. It brings us true beauty in the colours of the changing leaves, and gorgeous soft light; and it brings us that much closer to old man winter.

I had always loved winter growing up, but since living in Toronto I have lost the taste for the cold, the damp, and the slush that winter tends to be in that city. But this year I am looking forward to winter once again, because Ottawa is such a lovely winter city with it’s skating on the Canal; the winter carnival, called Winterlude; and the close proximity to cross country and downhill skiing.

Now, I just have to figure out how to take photos in the blinding snow.