Street Photography

The One That Got Away

Cities like Toronto have so much history and such beautiful architecture that you could probably go on shooting for years before you run out of incredible subjects. The Fairmont Royal York Hotel is one of the most beautiful in the city, and I missed my chance at it.

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Seated firmly at the foot of the city on Front St. W., and across from Union Station, this 85 year old building is chronically under repair and never offered up a stellar photographic opportunity during my time in the city. Oh well, perhaps I’ll stay there one day in the future when I make a return visit to the city. For now, these two images are as good as I was able to get.

Fairmont Royal York Hotel


Cycling in Ottawa

We’re sitting here, in the Great White North, bracing for what is supposed to be a pretty big snowfall today and tomorrow. Now, I love winter and snow, but I thought I’d try and warm myself up by looking back to an afternoon of cycling along the Rideau Canal this fall with one of my boys.

The path below basically starts near my house, and runs right down to the heart of the city where the galleries and Parliament Buildings are. I believe it’s only a 7km trip one way, but it’s a beautiful one. I just love the green space around here.

wpid-untitled-28_1.jpg Rideau Canaluntitled-30

This tree reminded me of a giant hug…


And, this particular area is lined with beautiful old English-style cottages. There’s just so much character and charm throughout this city.


Thanks for touring along with me today 🙂 Did anyone break a sweat?


Monday Mornings

I can’t remember if I’ve ever posted this image before, but I thought I’d post it today because it always reminds me of that rushed feeling I often get at the start of the week.

With everything going on these days, and with being connected to the world twenty four hours a day, it seems as though it often takes us the whole weekend to unwind and recharge, only to be thrown head first right back into the fray on Monday mornings.

For me, this image sums up that feeling as a car rushes one way, a streetcar rushes the opposite way, and this guy quickly grabbing a local newspaper before inevitably missing his transfer.

Oh city life, aren’t you wonderful?


Trees in the City

One afternoon while walking in downtown Toronto, I came upon this guy taking a break and being flanked by two small trees. I was originally drawn by his framing between the trees, but when I looked at the image afterwards, I also liked the lines and textures created by the mammoth black TD Tower. I also just noticed that there is a hint of a reflection of the CN Tower in the golden windows by the top left corner of the image.

This image also calls attention to the stark contrast I’ve noticed between Toronto and Ottawa. These two isolated trees overpowered by massive steel and glass are not an uncommon site around the city of Toronto. Green space is at a premium there, and if there is a large enough space, it always seems to be earmarked for conversion to a condo or office tower. In Ottawa on the other hand, trees and green space is everywhere, and that is one of the things I love about this place.

lunch break