Street Photography

My First Street Image

This image and I go way back. In fact, I think I took this shot on my very first street photography shooting attempt. At the time, I had no idea what I was doing or what I was looking for, but for some reason this particular image has stuck with me from that day.

I think the thing that strikes me most about the image, despite it’s poor quality, is the contradiction between the two strong opposing lines of the windows in the building, and the leading lines that force the viewer up through the middle of the image.

The journey seems to begin at the lady frozen by her cell phone, then travel up the stairs to the patrolling security guard as he passes, and finally through to the tip of the Christmas tree.

It’s an image that proves that image quality doesn’t necessarily matter, since I was still shooting in jpeg at the time, but the combination of photographic elements do matter. Perhaps no one else will think much of this shot, but it has always been one of my favorite shots.

x-mas tree


Running with Giants

Rideau Canal

The weather this autumn has been nothing short of spectacular. Sure, there have been a few cold nights and rainy days, but there has been so many gorgeous days over the past couple of weeks that I couldn’t help buckling the boys in our bike trailer and hitting the open trails. I’ve seen people out running and walking; wearing shorts and t-shirts; and laughing and playing, but I know that the end will come soon enough and this lovely city will be blanketed in a THICK layer of snow.

I took this shot while I was out with my younger son exploring the wildlife along the Rideau Canal. Runners and cyclists always use the path along the edge of the Canal, and I couldn’t help by notice how our tiny frames put the whole scene in perspective as we walked, ran, and cycled among the giant trees. You can just make out the lone runner in the centre of frame, and I think that that was what drew me to the scene.


Opposites Attract

I rushed up on these two to get this shot before the girl left the frame. I was drawn to the symmetry and balance between the lines, the black square, and the two strangers facing in complementary angles diagonally away from each other.

Man, that last point was a mouthful to write out. Anyway, here is a simple street shot from a spot near the Market in downtown Ottawa.


The Ottawa Fish Bowl

As Canada’s capital, I assume that Ottawa must maintain some standard of cleanliness. I also find it quite apparent that the city strives to maintain a rather striking visual impression to visitors as well.

One such visual spectacle is the Ottawa Convention Centre. It’s glass building is really impressive, and it is beautifully set next to the Rideau Canal. I took this shot because of how the building dwarfed the street, cars and pedestrians, but it also made the scene larger than life by magnifying and reflecting the street scene in its glass façade.

fish bowl