Monday Mornings

I can’t remember if I’ve ever posted this image before, but I thought I’d post it today because it always reminds me of that rushed feeling I often get at the start of the week.

With everything going on these days, and with being connected to the world twenty four hours a day, it seems as though it often takes us the whole weekend to unwind and recharge, only to be thrown head first right back into the fray on Monday mornings.

For me, this image sums up that feeling as a car rushes one way, a streetcar rushes the opposite way, and this guy quickly grabbing a local newspaper before inevitably missing his transfer.

Oh city life, aren’t you wonderful?



To Our Glorious Dead

Today we must all take a moment to remember those who came and went before us, who fought for all of our countries, who had the good fortune to return home, and who were unable to realize their sacrifices.

This year marks one hundred years since our nations entered into the war to end all wars, but we still fight today, and it bewilders me to think that our children will still see fighting tomorrow.

Lest we forget…

WPC - Monument-0072WPC - Monument-0073

Black (& White) Friday: Winged Migration

winged migration


Once again, we have reached the time of year when our winged friends leave us for the next several months. Autumn is always a bitter sweet time of year because it brings two things. It brings us true beauty in the colours of the changing leaves, and gorgeous soft light; and it brings us that much closer to old man winter.

I had always loved winter growing up, but since living in Toronto I have lost the taste for the cold, the damp, and the slush that winter tends to be in that city. But this year I am looking forward to winter once again, because Ottawa is such a lovely winter city with it’s skating on the Canal; the winter carnival, called Winterlude; and the close proximity to cross country and downhill skiing.

Now, I just have to figure out how to take photos in the blinding snow.

Black (& White) Friday: O Canada!

You may have heard about the events that unfolded here in Ottawa on Wednesday. While on honorary guard at the National War Memorial, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, an army reserve, was fatally shot in the chest at point blank range with a shot gun by a fellow Canadian.

After such a dark day here on Wednesday, I am adding just a hint of colour to my Black & White post this week to honour Cpl. Nathan Cirillo’s memory with an image of our National House.

o canada

To Nathan’s family and friends, I extend my sincerest condolences. We are where we are, and as safe as we are, because of Canadians┬álike Nathan.

In related news, I was surprised and extremely honoured to learn that another one of my images has been widely shared throughout Instagram, along with a text overlay that someone did saying “One Love 613”, as a symbol of strength for many in the city. The feeling is probably partly selfish and ill-timed at a time like this, but I’m also glad that I have been able to contribute to the movement with something I’ve created.

one love 613 image 2

one love 613 image