Cycling in Ottawa

We’re sitting here, in the Great White North, bracing for what is supposed to be a pretty big snowfall today and tomorrow. Now, I love winter and snow, but I thought I’d try and warm myself up by looking back to an afternoon of cycling along the Rideau Canal this fall with one of my boys.

The path below basically starts near my house, and runs right down to the heart of the city where the galleries and Parliament Buildings are. I believe it’s only a 7km trip one way, but it’s a beautiful one. I just love the green space around here.

wpid-untitled-28_1.jpg Rideau Canaluntitled-30

This tree reminded me of a giant hug…


And, this particular area is lined with beautiful old English-style cottages. There’s just so much character and charm throughout this city.


Thanks for touring along with me today 🙂 Did anyone break a sweat?


Farm Colours

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving passed a week ago which means we’re in full fledged harvest mode here. The temperatures are also dropping, and I took my little guy on a cold and rainy cycling trip to the farm again late last week. It’s so nice to visit the farm during the school year because the crowds have disappeared and it’s almost like having our own eleven hundred acre farm… but without the work.


Since we had time on our side on this day, we took our time biking through the farm to get to the animal barns. We stopped to watch combines cutting the corn, looked at the various barns scattered throughout the property, and watched cows grazing in the fields.

I loved the pop of colour in the wagon and trees against the mostly monotone corn and wheat fields that surrounded us, so I snapped this pic. I was going to share more images from the trip, but I’ve decided to scatter them into other posts that you’ll see over the next couple of weeks. What I’d really like to do is make some portraits of the farmers who work this land. It’ll happen someday, but I may just have to figure out how to catch them when they have a few minutes to spare.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Black (& White) Friday: Parliament Hill

Note, I have a reader question at the end of this post that I’d love to have your participation in.

On a recent bike ride through Ottawa, I decided to follow the paths that snake alongside the Rideau River. After about an hour or so, I found myself at the mouth of the Rideau, where it meets the Ottawa River. This scene was taken from a lookout point at Major’s Hill Park, and showcases the less-viewed side of the Parliament Buildings, and the side that is guarded by the banks of the Ottawa River.

In my opinion, the main feature of this view is the Gothic-style Library of Parliament, which is the round peaked building near the centre of the image.

Tours of Parliament are free, and since I am in love with architecture, I’ll be sure to visit and document these amazing buildings over the next few months.

parliament hill ottawa

parliament hill ottawa

Reader Question: To be honest, I really struggled with whether to share this image in black and white or in colour. I am not a fan of sharing different versions of the same image in a post, because I think it is part of the photographer’s job to present what he/she believes is the best representation of his or her image. However, I am equally fond of these two versions, and I wanted to turn the microphone over to you for some feedback. I would really like to hear from you on which version might catch your eye, and why? Or, if you’d prefer to simply use the poll below, that would be fine too 🙂



Beauty in Ottawa: Hogsback Falls

In Toronto, I ran a weekly post series called “Street Walking”, so I thought that since I am now in a new city, I would start a new series. Since there is so much beauty in and around Ottawa, I thought it only fitting that it be called “Beauty in Ottawa”.

Hogsback Falls, one of the most beautiful spots in Ottawa happens to be a couple of minutes away from my house. Though it is a man made waterway, Hogsback Falls sits at the point where the Rideau Canal splits from the Rideau River. Both waterways have excellent cycling trails that run alongside them, and I’ve featured the Canal trails in a post that compares Toronto cycling with Ottawa cycling.

The falls are a portion of Hogsback Park, which I haven’t had the pleasure of exploring in great depth yet, but since it’s so close to home, I doubt it’ll take me long to get the lay of the land and report back 😉

Ottawa is such a fascinating city for a lot of reasons, but especially for those who love the outdoors. I think my health and fitness levels have improved by 1,000 % in the few weeks that we’ve been here, and the peacefulness is something that you could only dream about when you live in a larger city.

Here, I captured an artist sketching a similar scene to that in the second image in this post. I wanted to take a picture of her in action from right over her shoulder, but she seemed to be in such deep concentration and in such a peaceful state that I elected to withhold my natural street photographer tendencies.

Hogsback FallsHogsback Falls


Below is an image of two of the falls’ many onlookers. Above and to the left of the lady sitting on the bench, you can barely make out a couple of young ladies picnicking behind the tree. I badly wanted to take their picture when I was close to them because they were perfectly framed between two trees, and they had a beautiful spread and two little babies with them. I almost convinced myself that they would have loved and perhaps cherished the image I would have taken, but for some reason I held back and just took the shot with my mind.Hogsback Park