kensington market

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray (Paranoid Android)

Yes, another grey and rainy day out shooting in Kensington Market in Toronto earlier this spring. I like cloudy days because the sky acts as one big soft box and the light is much softer and even which lends itself well for shooting in the street. Of course, when the weather acts this way, I am naturally drawn to bursts of colour, and that’s how I spotted these forgotten flowers in the gutter.

The funny thing about these flowers is that they almost got me in my first bout of trouble while shooting street photography. They were lying next to a relatively average car, and as I was crouched next to the car to take this shot, I heard several horn honks and yells. When I finished taking pictures of the flowers, I stood up and noticed a man marching swiftly toward me with concern, and wondering what I was doing.

It turns out that he owned the car, and was obviously spooked after coming out of a store and seeing someone crouching next to his beloved car. After I explained what I was doing, he seemed slightly more at ease. In my opinion, he was overreacting and all I could do was laugh at his pointless paranoia, or perhaps it was his frayed nerves.

In the end, I got my shot and that’s all that mattered.

flower in kensington market


It was cold and overcast, I was alone, searching for something. Searching for what? I don’t know, just something. Everywhere I looked I found a cold, unfriendly stare aimed squarely at me.

But on a quick glance to my left I spotted what I must have been looking for.

She strode confidently past. Chin up, shoulders back. She had an assertive gait, one of purpose and importance. It was she who I must have come to this place to seek out on that day.

She had blond hair, probably dyed. She was older. She had shoulders that were both broad and slender at the same time. She wore clothes that were tailored perfectly to suit her slender figure – a well-fitted red leather jacket, a pencil skirt with just a kiss of flare at the bottom to allow it to flow in the slight cool breeze, and heels that showed off well defined calves and delicately slender ankles.

Who was she? Where was she going? What was her story? I’ll never know.

She strode swiftly and with ease through the streets. I tailed her briefly and wanted to know more. But just as quickly as she appeared, she had vanished…


P.S. This was just a story I made up about this image. I took it earlier this year in Kensington Market in Toronto. It’s the first time I’ve attempted such a thing on my blog, and it’ll probably be my last. I think I’ll eave it to my friend Nicole Sander from this point forward.


Kensington Market

One of my favorite places to walk through in Toronto is Kensington Market. It’s quite possibly the hipster capital of Canada, and it offers so many cool and unique items. Though cars are allowed on the streets in this little neighbourhood, pedestrians clearly own the road.

This shot was taken late last summer, as a cyclist made a quick stop for a tasty smoothie.

juice bar in kensington