Weekly Photo Challenge: Descent

YAY. my 200th post!! Thank you to everyone who has followed along on this journey ­čÖé I look forward to the next 200 posts.

It’s Monday morning here in Canada, and though all the beautiful fall colours have been shaken from the trees, and we’re getting ever closer to the first snowfall (even though it has snowed in other parts of Canada already), this is the start of another beautiful week.

Into the sun

I hope that Halloween was fun and safe for those of you who celebrated it, and I hope your weekends were filled with good food, good times, and loving family and friends.

This image is a pretty accurate depiction of how I try to see each day. The sky is blue, the path is clear, and the sun shines over us as it’s rays descend upon the earth. I’ve learned that if you start your day with a smile, you’ll have a far better chance of reaching your goals.

Happy Monday!


Farm Colours

Here in Canada, Thanksgiving passed a week ago which means we’re in full fledged harvest mode here. The temperatures are also dropping, and I took my little guy on a cold and rainy cycling trip to the farm again late last week. It’s so nice to visit the farm during the school year because the crowds have disappeared and it’s almost like having our own eleven┬áhundred acre farm… but without the work.


Since we had time on our side on this day, we took our time biking through the farm to get to the animal barns. We stopped to watch combines cutting the corn, looked at the various barns scattered throughout the property, and watched cows grazing in the fields.

I loved the pop of colour in the wagon and trees against the mostly monotone corn and wheat fields that surrounded us, so I snapped this pic. I was going to share more images from the trip, but I’ve decided to scatter them into other posts that you’ll see over the next couple of weeks. What I’d really like to do is make some portraits of the farmers who work this land. It’ll happen someday, but I may just have to figure out how to catch them when they have a few minutes to spare.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Featured by Ottawa Tourism This Week!

What a week this is shaping up to be! Beginning today, I will be taking over the Ottawa Tourism Instagram feed and showing off my favorite spots in Ottawa. They contacted me through Instagram last week to participate in a project called #MyOttawa, and I was obviously delighted that they asked.

For today’s image, I am sharing a cute little spot called Nepean Creek. It’s a 1km stretch of water that has become a favorite spot for my kids to explore. I’m not much of a landscape photographer, but this was my attempt at capturing the spot.

Nepean Creek nepean creek nepean creeknepean creek nepean creek

Ottawa Sunsets & Country Living

Though the summer is rapidly coming to a close, my family and I have had an amazing time over the past three weeks. We’ve spent a relaxing week at a cottage, we’ve taken several day trips in and around the city, and we’ve caught up with some old friends.

This past Saturday, we drove to visit some friends in the country as first-time guests of their annual end-of-summer bbq camp-out. They live on a beautiful 29 acre plot of land about a half hour outside the city, which is a stark contrast to what we’ve been used to from living in downtown Toronto for the past ten years. While the kids played happily on the expansive land, we adults enjoyed a relaxing bbq next to the old barn that houses chickens, which produce delicious eggs, and turkeys, which become wonderful organic ground meat to feed the family. We shared great stories and reminisced about the best 80’s TV shows, but best of all was the spectacular sunset that painted the backdrop for this memorable night. And, according to some, Ottawa sunsets are among the best in all of Canada.

These shots were taken with my phone, but after editing them with Snapseed, I think they nicely represent what we all witnessed that night.