Watson’s Mill

A short drive outside of Ottawa will bring you to a countryside town called Manotick. It’s a cute little riverside town that favours tourists and foodies alike with its craft shops and delicious restaurants.

A couple of weeks ago, we made the trip out on a warm and sunny Sunday to visit Watson’s Mill. It’s a gorgeous old stone building dating back to 1860 (as the sign above the entryway will tell you) that sits right on the river’s edge. It was once a thriving seed mill, but now it stands as a reminder of how the area established itself. I’m sure if I had my pick of the litter in terms of places I’d like to live in this country, Manotick would be right up near the top of my list.

Here is a short photo tour of the mill… I hope you enjoy!

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Black (& White) Friday: Watson’s Mill, Manotick

On Wednesday, my wife, kids, and I took a short drive to a nearby town called Manotick. It’s a gorgeous town on the river’s edge that was established sometime around 1826. Today, the town is bustling with shops and restaurants, and it also has quite a lively arts community.

One of the main attractions of this little village is the grain mill. The sign over the entryway says “since 1826”, but today it operates as a museum, and a cute one at that.

The imahe below was taken in the upper loft. There are various relics scattered throughout the building of the mill’s past, but as soon as I came upon this window scene I knew I wanted to process it in black and white. I know I don’t reveal much in this image, but I feel like it gives you just enough of a taste of the building’s history and detail.