Street Walking: Chatelet

Today, I’ll bring you back to visit my old stomping ground in Toronto. While out walking on a gloomy spring day, I stumbled on a very cute little shop that brings French country to us city slickers. The shop is called Chatelet.

Though I had hoped to, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the store to see the other beautiful items it surely offered, however, I was very taken with the items displayed outside and would recommend that you visit this little shop on your next visit to Toronto.

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Black (& White) Friday: Best Makeout Spot & Gothic Church Tower

Just a couple of blocks up the street from my work is St. George-The-Martyr Anglican Church, a beautiful little old Gothic-style church that once stood as a navigation point for ships coming into the Toronto harbour (when the harbour was much further inland then it’s current border).

The church opened on November 9, 1845 as part of expansion of Anglican churches that were being constructed to accommodate the bulging Toronto population of 18,000 people.

Since shooting different locations around the city over the past couple of years, I have realized that you can learn a great deal about the history of your community through these old churches, and they fascinate me more and more each time I see one.

I also learned that this church is one of the best makeout spots in the city according to this blogTO article. Just a little known fact that I thought I’d share.

Question – If you were to give any of us a walking tour of your town or city, what would you take us to first? Why do you like it so much? what sorts of things (structures, people, whatever) are you most drawn to your your town or city?

st george the martyr church

Midsummer Afternoon

Last week I shared my first collaboration post done with Nicole Sander, and I’m so happy that we received such a positive response about it. In our second collaboration, we bring you back to lazy summer afternoons that I’m sure most of us in the northern hemisphere are very much looking forward to seeing again soon.

Question – do you have a favorite summer memory? Be it from last summer, or from your childhood? Since it’s so cold and rainy in my city, I would  absolutely love for you to share a great summer story with us all in the comments.

old car - shane/nicole collab 2

It’s a muggy midsummer afternoon right before the rain begins. In the distance, the soft whirring of sprinkler systems give way to a warm breeze and the hearty smell of a sizzling barbecue. Soft bursts of children’s laughter echo in the balmy summer street. Somewhere inside, salsa music is playing and the soft clinking of glasses sounds amidst a joyful conversation. The first drop of rain has hit the pavement now, and the neighbors gathered outdoors are picking up to go inside. In summer spirit, nothing is better than a cool ride on a hot day.


Street Walking: Re:Reading Turns Five!

On Saturday, I was out for a walk on The Danforth, the neighbourhood where I live, and I stumbled on a birthday party for one of my favorite stores – Re:Reading.


Re:Reading is a used book store  with fabulous character, and since it has had many terrific write-ups in the past, I don’t think I’ll regurgitate what has already been said.


However, I will tell you this…

Re:Reading always manages to flourish, while constantly going against the grain. As many of the local book, video, and music stores in the city are closing down, Re:Reading has established itself as a favorite destination for bookworms, hipsters, sci-fi fans, and stay-at-home moms & dads in the neighbourhood. The selection is always excellent, and the service is second to none… thanks ladies!

Oh, and the cake was ridiculously awesome! Re:Reading gang, please let us know where it came from in the comments… I forgot to ask.

Re:ReadingRe:ReadingRe:Reading Re:Reading Re:Reading