Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. BIV

Since moving to Ottawa last spring, I have written many, many, many times about how beautiful the city and it’s surrounding area are. Heck, even CBC says that Ottawa sunsets are among the most beautiful in Canada.

Sometimes I don’t have to look far to see the constant stream of beauty we have around here. I took this shot with my phone from the end of my driveway last summer after a brief storm. It was the first time either of my boys had ever seen a rainbow. The moment became a personal highlights from our first year in the city, and I often look back on it to think about the wonderful day we had as a family that day.



Winter Wonderland

I can’t believe we’re already approaching the end of January. I mean, I’m still finding Christmas decorations scattered around the house.

It’s about this time of year that I start dreaming about spring and summer, but since this is my first full winter in Ottawa, I’m trying to suppress those warm thoughts and enjoy everything Ottawa has to offer in the winter… and there’s a lot.

The weekend weather was absolutely beautiful. Though yesterday was -26 degrees Celsius, we didn’t let that stop us from getting out and exploring the nearby trails.

We searched for birds and squirrels, and ended the hike with a bit of sledding on a massive hill. It was the boys first real time tackling a big hill.

Here are a couple shots of the morning hike taken with my phone, processed using the Snapseed app, and posted using the WordPress mobile app.





Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle In The Streets

One thing I love to do is look for photo opportunities after a good rain or snowfall. The dampness of everything, and the puddles on the ground make for so many twinkling and sparkling new photographic scenes.

The climate in Toronto in the winter is often that of slush, slush, and more slush. But when you look hard, you can find true beauty in the city during these glum days. Here is a shot I took with my phone as I passed under the theatre lights of the beautiful and historic Royal Alexandra Theatre on my way to the subway. I worked in the building next door, and marvelled at this stunning structure every day on my trip to and from work.

wpc twinkle

Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist

Being a street photographer, and living in big cities, my images typically have a lot going on in them. I tend to look for elements that help tell a story of the moment.

But on a recent trip to the park with my youngest son after a rainfall, I looked down and stumbled on this simple, monochromatic scene. Perhaps I was in a relaxed state, or perhaps my three year old son’s random curiosity rubbed off on me, but I was struck by the¬†minimalism of this lonely leaf on the sand.

I took this shot with my phone, processed it using the Snapseed app, and liked the result.

wpc minimalist