The Ottawa Fish Bowl

As Canada’s capital, I assume that Ottawa must maintain some standard of cleanliness. I also find it quite apparent that the city strives to maintain a rather striking visual impression to visitors as well.

One such visual spectacle is the Ottawa Convention Centre. It’s glass building is really impressive, and it is beautifully set next to the Rideau Canal. I took this shot because of how the building dwarfed the street, cars and pedestrians, but it also made the scene larger than life by magnifying and reflecting the street scene in its glass façade.

fish bowl


Mirror Image

I came upon this scene one day last fall while walking on my lunch break. I was struck by the perfect symmetry of this tree and how it seemed to dwarf the women chatting under it. I was also captivated by the equally impressive and equally massive reflection cast by its shadow.

shadow treeb

The Soloist

As bloggers, we are all artists, and art appreciation of one’s art is among the most subjective opinions we’ll ever encounter. As artists, we share our images, our words, and our music. I took this image of a man playing for what seemed to be the birds and the trees.

It’s a reminder that we must not let go of what we are most passionate about. As children, and I see it in my own, we express crippling excitement for the things we are passionate about. We see the world as being a place of endless opportunities, free of barriers, and full of love. But we all reach a point where our priorities shift, responsibilities take over, and the things we love to do sometimes take a back seat. I think it’s important to be responsible and cater to our priorities, because the world isn’t just about us. However, I also feel strongly that we shouldn’t lose sight of the things that fuel our passions. We must always remember to play, even if no one is there to witness.

Party for One

Black (& White) Friday: Youthful Perspective

I’m not old, but sometimes I feel like I am. I’m fun-loving and easy going, but sometimes it’s hard to fight through the fog. I’ve always made an effort to put a smile on other people’s faces, to look on the brighter side of life. Ever taken a moment to look at my profile pic in my “About Page” or paid attention to my Avatar? That  huge grin you’ll see in both pics has been permanently etched on my face since the day I was born.

Sometimes though, as I get older (slightly), I find it hard to keep things positive. From time to time, the stress of everything that makes up life can weigh heavy on my tall but thin frame, and I can lose sight of what truly matters. I’m sure we’ve all gone through it from time to time, right?

But, it’s my kids who have given me a whole new perspective on life. It was the birth of my first son almost five years ago that made me realize it’s not always about me… it’s never about me. To a large extent it has been my two boys that have helped me see what’s important, and what’s worth fighting for. Sure, their curiosity can make our four minute walk to daycare in the morning last for forty-seven minutes, but it’s because they have a natural ability to slow things down, and focus on what really counts.

This post is for them… and for helping me see from their perspective.