Weekly Photo Challenge: Roy G. BIV

Since moving to Ottawa last spring, I have written many, many, many times about how beautiful the city and it’s surrounding area are. Heck, even CBC says that Ottawa sunsets are among the most beautiful in Canada.

Sometimes I don’t have to look far to see the constant stream of beauty we have around here. I took this shot with my phone from the end of my driveway last summer after a brief storm. It was the first time either of my boys had ever seen a rainbow. The moment became a personal highlights from our first year in the city, and I often look back on it to think about the wonderful day we had as a family that day.


Bike Rides and Cafés

Collaboration week number three with Nicole Sander takes us on a ride. Enjoy…

shane/nicole collab 3

Although you wouldn’t be able to tell, the sun had blazed the streets with a fiery temper that morning. The bicycle you see in the foreground, started off its day with a journey beginning far away from this busy little café. It had been driven along long empty dirt roads and through the rambling green countryside to a small blue house on the edge of a lake. There, a girl lived who owned a red bicycle. Joining them on their ride they continued on, drinking in the scenery and stopping at one point to lay in a warm grassy field as small yellow butterflies fluttered by. At the end of the day the rain begins and they enter a small café for a bite. Here the bicycle waits pleasantly for his owner, a little happier and shinier than usual.