Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I don’t often wait for the scene to form in front of me when I’m out shooting, but on this day, I steered from my routine and patiently watched this little guy. For some reason I had a sense that I would catch him in a pivotal moment, on the threshold of something new.

seagul thresholdAs the gull turned and took a couple steps toward the ship, I raised my camera and clicked the shutter. This was the result. I really like this shot, and feel lucky to have framed it the way I did. I think it’s a telling story of life down by the docks.

It just so happened to be one of the most perfect mornings of 2013. I got the boys up and off to daycare without a hitch, then decided to bike along the waterfront on my way to work. It was early autumn, the sun was still low, the air was warm and dry, and I had a few extra minutes that allowed me to pull over and soak in the calmness of the morning. It really was perfect.