1000 Followers… 1000 Thank You’s

This is just a quick post to say thank you one thousand times over, and because of you, I have surpassed the major blogging milestone of 1000 followers.

aug 1 - followed-blog-1000-1x
I began 2014 with a short list of resolutions, and one of those resolutions was to make the effort to take more photos. This blog began as a simple place to share some of those images, document what I had seen and learned, and to track my improvement… if I was to see any.

Instead, I have made terrific new friends in Norway, Australia, New Zealand, England, the United States, and here in Canada. I have found vibrant and friendly photo communities, and have been lucky enough to have been featured on Freshly Pressed, WordPress’ Hot Off the Press, been a guest blogger for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge and on Leanne Cole’s photography blog.

I can honestly say that the reason I make images is because I am truly passionate about photography and the process that goes into taking my images from start to finish. But it is because of YOU, that I am driven to publish this blog and work hard to improve myself on WordPress.

Thank you one thousand times 🙂