Weekly Photo Challenge: Ephemeral

As a street photographer, I strive to capture those fleeting moments that would otherwise be lost forever. I suppose I could plop any old image from my archive into this post and it would fit the theme of this week’s photo challenge.

However I thought I’d turn to nature since I have been spending a heck of a lot more time enjoying the natural surroundings of Mother Nature here in Ottawa, than I could in Toronto. Our capital city is alive with greenery, waterways and wildlife, and I enjoy every minute of it. Here is an image I shot while on a hike last fall in Mer Bleue. You can read about my hike here and lose yourselves in the beautiful landscape.

The image below is a capture (or almost capture) of the ephemeral feeding ways of a chickadee.

Mer Bleue



  1. Shane, if that’s your hand with the bird, I’m even more impressed (since that means you were shooting one-handed!) Really wonderful image, no matter whose hand it is. The blur of the wings certainly fits this week’s challenge. Nature’s just wonderful.

  2. Amazing shot, Shane. Really good one-handed photography too. I bet those birds were flitting around all over the place, hungry for the food right in your hands 🙂

  3. I do hope that’s RSPB approved bird seed; or whatever the US equivalent of the RSPB is 😉 Reminds me of the movie title ‘In Like Flynn’ – definitely as grab ‘n’ go 🙂 Nice shot for the challenge.

    1. Thanks 🙂 Your comment made me laugh. I wish I could tell you what kind of bird seed it was… but I’m Canadian so it certainly won’t be certified by any American body 😉

      1. Apologies Shane, I forgot you are Canadian. You’ll guess that I’m a member of the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds over here in the UK. 😉

      1. You couldn’t be more wrong because I feel the same about you. I think we’re both good, and good at pretty different things. If we were one person, we’d be a huge force to be reckoned with.

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