Featured Work & Publications

This page highlights a selection of my work that has been featured in various places since beginning this blog in 2014.


Street Photography: To Do, Or Not?

This was a thought provoking piece I published about the ethics of taking pictures of strangers in public, without their knowledge and consent. The piece caught the attention of WordPress editors and was Freshly Pressed in March 2014.

Chef Portraits: Kyle Proulx

In June 2015 I began working on a portrait series focused on some of the best chefs in Canada’s Capital region. The series focused on a group of seven chefs who manage seven of the best restaurants in Ottawa. They also work together under the name Bytown Chefs Collective, where they host dinner events that raise funds for local charities. Using a mixture of portraiture and editorial-style images, I followed the chefs through their daily lives. The second post in the series was Freshly Pressed in June 2015.


Better Tagging for Increased Traffic

WordPress published an educational post on the topic of effectively tagging blog posts that used my tagging technique as the main point of focus for the article.

Introductions – The Weekly Minute

Australian photographer and educator, Leanne Cole, published a piece on her site praising my work.


Split-Second Story

In May 2014, I was invited by WordPress editors to guest blog and host a Weekly Photo Challenge related to street photography. The post proved to be very popular, and the challenge received more than 450 submissions.

Up for Discussion – Street Photography

Renowned Australian photographer and educator Leanne Cole invited me to publish a blog post containing tips and tricks to help her 25,000 readers become better and more comfortable street photographers in July 2014




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