Shoot What Matters

Photography has become such a big part of me, but you may not know it if you’ve been following my (lack of) progress here on the blog lately. Though my blogging has been minimal of late, and though my street photography has been non-existent, I have still been shooting.

afp ottawa headshot group1

In an effort to challenge myself and grow as a photographer, I have made a conscious effort to shoot what matters to me rather than scour the streets looking for an image to jump out at me. I still enjoy snapping those random moments in time, but I’m at a stage where I want to dive deeper and grow. So, I recently set up a job to shoot photos at a conference, and donate the proceeds.

Above are the final results of a day’s work, and I’m happy with the way things went… especially considering I had five minutes or less with each of my subjects.

In an upcoming post, I’ll share some images of a recent photo shoot I did with a top Ottawa chef. The shoot was the first in an ongoing series I am working on with a group of the region’s best chefs, and I am really excited to share the journey.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Life with kids can sometimes feel like a blur. We’re all constantly on the go, and the energy around our house never seems to rev below 3000 rpms. In fact, just yesterday we spent part of the afternoon biking around the neighbourhood doing a “park crawl”, hitting up every swing, climber, and slide we could find. It’s truly the best way to have some family time with an active family like ours.

weekly photo challenge motion

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird


Cottages have a way of making time stand still. My family and I visit a cottage for one week each summer, and it never seems to matter how late I stay up or how early I wake; I never seem to get tired while on vacation. With that, it’s often easier than normal to get up early and greet the sun as it rises over the lake.