Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

I don’t often wait for the scene to form in front of me when I’m out shooting, but on this day, I steered from my routine and patiently watched this little guy. For some reason I had a sense that I would catch him in a pivotal moment, on the threshold of something new.

seagul thresholdAs the gull turned and took a couple steps toward the ship, I raised my camera and clicked the shutter. This was the result. I really like this shot, and feel lucky to have framed it the way I did. I think it’s a telling story of life down by the docks.

It just so happened to be one of the most perfect mornings of 2013. I got the boys up and off to daycare without a hitch, then decided to bike along the waterfront on my way to work. It was early autumn, the sun was still low, the air was warm and dry, and I had a few extra minutes that allowed me to pull over and soak in the calmness of the morning. It really was perfect.



      1. They sure do. I have to try to be more patient when I’m shooting. I keep meaning to pick a nice scene, and wait for the elements to fall into place.

        Problem is, my feet just keep wanting to move forward and explore.

  1. Gorgeous! Even though it is a moment captured, there is such anticipated movement in this shot. Waiting around was worth it I would say 🙂

  2. You are lucky…whenever you can catch a bird with their wings raised or moving…and you had the depth of field set right to catch it!

    1. You’re right! And it probably helps that I often like to shoot pretty wide open. Different scenes call for different depths, but I love isolating my subjects whenever possible.

      1. I’ve studied art, painted and sold water color paintings and done my share of “picture taking” and it’s my humble opinion that picture is world class. Show that picture to anyone around the world and they’ll love it, they’ll understand it, it’ll make’m smile. That makes it world class.

  3. Shane, what a beautiful and interesting shot of this bird. Serendipity meets preparation. I really like your black and white work. A wonderful photo journal of what’s around you. Looking forward to your future posts.

  4. Shane, I always love finding your work on my reader. Your photos always grab my attention, even before I know they are yours. I’m going to quickly reach the point where I’ll know in an instant that a photo is yours, which speaks to your wonderfully developed style. This shot is stunning: love the composition, the B&W, the POV. It was well worth your wait!

    1. Thanks so much! I guess my images are all starting to look similar, but that can be a good thing too… at least with processing. I’ve been reading a lot about having consistency, so that’s what I’m going for and it sounds like it’s starting to work.

      I’m really enjoying your work as well. I’m glad we’ve managed to somehow connect in this vast abyss.

      1. Shane, “similar” is much too mundane a word to use for your images! I absolutely love your post-processing style, but your subject choice, composition, and point of view are what really resonate with me. Without making those choices to begin with, the post-processing wouldn’t be as effective as it is. All rolled together? Just wonderful!

        And, thanks, I’m enjoying the connection too!

      1. That’s funny! You’re resourceful; you use the wildlife that’s available in your area and make it work—a quality of a true photographer!

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