Street Walking: Spadina Ave, Toronto

I have a couple of favorite streets that I can access quickly during my lunchtime shooting walks, one of those streets is Spadina Ave.

It’s one of the wider thoroughfares in the city that runs north and south in the west end of the downtown core. Spadina is one of the few streets in Toronto with a dedicated streetcar lane, making it a bit of a relief line for the greatly overcrowded subway system that can no longer properly service the city. Can you believe that we only have two subway lines? Anyway…

One of the major attractions on Spadina are several blocks that make up Chinatown. You can buy just about anything for a fraction of the price, dine like a King (or Queen) at several delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or just enjoy the bustling atmosphere. However, if you have a fear of crowds I would recommend avoiding this area altogether.

The Chinese influence is everywhere, which is what make is particularly interesting to me. I love the store fronts, the signs, and the atmosphere of Spadina Ave. Here is a little tour…

chinatown 1chinatown 2chinatown 6chinatown 3chinatown 4chinatown 7chinatown 5



      1. Oh nice, you should visit sometime. It’s very nice… in the summer… and pretty expensive. But, San Fran is more expensive.

        We have very good friends in SF and we’re overdue for a visit for sure.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and for the comment.

      No problem, you’re not criticizing at all. Personally, I like the vignette look on a lot of my images. Perhaps it doesn’t suit every image, but it’s a style that adds a touch of drama to my images, and I quite like the feel of them.

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