Early summer in the city

This is my 100th post! I can’t believe I’ve made it to this point, but it is due in large part to the amazing blogging community that you guys and gals make up. Having said that, I would like to share a post written by one of the great friends I’ve met through blogging.

There’s no doubt that I love to cycle, and I love Toronto. So, after reading this post by my blogger friend Kat, I simply had to share it. She writes a perfect descroption of the sights, sounds, and smells of the morning Toronto bike commuter, and adds a selection of perfect images, all shot from her handlebars with her cell phone, that you can actually feel and smell the commute through her post.

Please take a few moments to read this and click over to her blog to see more of Kat’s amazing work.

follow your nose


Early summer in the city and I start my days in the paradise of our back yard. There is a soft coo of turtle doves in the air, the high chirps of sparrows and robins.  The mornings are cool and fresh, pungent with lilacs – May has given us a series of purple and white blooms.




purple toystory star

Heading down to work on my bike, the sun has risen a little higher into bright towering blue sky days.

Passing through the cool of Allan Gardens park, the homeless guys are still on their benches, emerging from sleeping bags and newspaper blankets, starting their daily routines.

Out onto Sherbourne St, the summer emerges in full force – the streets are starting to exude that heat, the concrete gathering up the suns rays and radiating back a thick smelly weight of warmth.


red building


Taxis cruise by, lazily looking for fares, windows down, music wafting with…

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  1. Your already great blog got even more special after reblogging this beautiful post from Kat! You both do amazing jobs, and I feel very happy to be following your steps. Now I need to go to Toronto as soon as possible! 😀 Congratulations on the 100th post!

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