My Toronto: CN Tower

Today I am blogging to you from Ottawa for the first time! And I find it only fitting that I end my three-day mini-series of favorite Toronto images with a series on the city’s greatest landmark… the CN Tower.

This post comes courtesy of a suggestion by my wife that I should do a post on all of my images that contain the tower somewhere in it. So here we go…

p.s. if you’ve missed either of the first two days in this series, you can find them here, on people, and here, on architecture.

_DSC0021chinatown 2 texting & cn tower cn tower b&w reflections post-133126 cn tower for reader poll post graffiti & cn towerharbour 60-035flatironCN Tower cn tower entrance Minolta SRT 101 & Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100



  1. Wonderful Shane, Toronto has been the topic of conversation at work the last couple of weeks as my boss is about to leave Adelaide and relocate his family to Toronto, so its great to see your pictures to bring the city to life for us all to see where they will be living.

    1. Hey Mike, that’s terrific. Your boss will really enjoy himself once he gets used to the pace of life around here. However, I don’t think it’s much different from where you guys are.

  2. I do love colour of your photos!!!! ❤
    Could i have a question? How can i have the featured photo on "relate posts" ??, i tried but still not find out the tool. Merci!!!

  3. The reflection in the puddle is my favorite. I like collections like this with a common theme or element – tell you wife it was a good idea 😉

  4. Great series Shane! I particularly like the images of the man on his phone and the man sweeping the sidewalk. They make it feel as though the tower is both a reassuring figure that is there to watch over you and protect you while also being this ever-looming presence that intrudes into your personal life, never allowing you to escape it’s glare, like something out of nineteen-eighty-four.
    I suppose the irony is that you’ve managed to escape to Ottawa haha!
    Good luck in your new home.

    1. Hey Ted, great comment!

      Yes, the tower is definitely always watching. In fact, I stayed at a friend’s house last night and while I was walking to her house, I kept seeing the tower pop out from behind the buildings I passed. It made for a pretty beautiful night.

    1. Thanks Laura 🙂 I’ve worked hard on getting the processing I like, so it’s nice to know that you appreciate it. I’m on the highway to my new home now, by the way 🙂

  5. I am loving this short mini-series of all your favorite shots from Toronto, really great. This is a great collection. I have always loved the reflection in the puddle, so cool. But it is so interesting to see it from near, far, reflected, hiding, front and center, you have totally done this landmark justice. Great work.

  6. Great pictures, I love the way the tower “sneaks” into some of the images, it gives the feeling that it’s always watching you! Having fun settling into your new home.

  7. This is too funny — a few years ago I was working on a CN tower series too but never ended up doing anything with the shots. This should be an unofficial photo challenge — Your post has inspired me to revive that project! Great idea for ending off your mini series! I think my favourite is the reflection in the puddle! But they’re all great!!

  8. Fantastic Photos – at least every two weeks I make a 1.5 hour jaunt into the city to either visit with a good friend or with my son and often with my grand-daughter – she is followed by a team of physicians at SickKids. Nearly every time due to rush hour traffic or construction we have to take various routes south from the 401, zig zagging this way and that. She say’s to me “Nana how come you know every way to go?” “Because I grew up in this city and worked downtown in many of those glass skyscrapers for 12 years!” I LOVE TORONTO !

    1. First off, I LOVE your blog name… Rebel Nana. Amazing!

      Second, that was a really great story. You really have to know your stuff to be able to maneuver around those streets with that much ease.

      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

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